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Final Frontier Trader Design

Starship Design

Each Starship design will require 3 things:

1) Base and addon graphics
2) Standard (unupgraded) specifications
3) Compatibility specifications

- Base and addon graphics -

The base graphic should be a bird's eye view of the ship when it is not upgraded. If shadows are cast anywhere on the ship, it should be as though the light is coming from the bird's eye, and directed at the center or pivot point of the ship. Addon graphics are things like hull armor and added weapons or added cargo holds, or a color change due to an upgrade on a part of the ship. These addon graphics should be placed on top of the ship in code, and are separate bitmaps. They should be integrated with specs. Each weapon, material, etc. graphic, even if it will fit on another ship, needs to be custom made so it will have a certain look on the ship.

- Standard Specs -

Answer some questions....
What is max warp?
What is max safe/cruise warp (no damage to engines, and stay at warp until engines run out of power)?
Is this one of the players choices for a starting ship? If so, Advantage Points (described in another doc) will need to be considered.
What is the warp engine's power source?
What power source runs the rest of the ship?

The specs on a ship should include a value of some kind on the following:
Power source
Warp power source
Max Warp
Max Cruise Warp
Number of weapons bays, and their sizes and locations on the ship
What weapons are in those bays
Shield strength, type, color
Armor (if any) strength, type, color
Preinstalled replicators?
Cargo capacity
Mass (more mass needs more power for warp and impulse)
Food source (if existent, replicator or grown on the ship?)
Life support power requirements
Max power reserve

- Compatibility Specs -

Of the list of technology, weapons, etc., what can be installed on the ship? Power and size of bays and such must be considered.

- Buying a starship -

Sometimes you can buy a ready made starship. Other times you get the designs. In the case of designs, you will be able to build it yourself. To do so, you will need the materials and the use of a space dock or starbase. You will need a certain amount of materials, metals, and parts to build it, then you can install other parts in its bays.

- Conclusion -

This is the Starship Design idea. If you wish to contribute, email TomT64.

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