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About Final Frontier Trader:

Final Frontier Trader is a 2D single player space strategy, combat, and trading game. You pilot a starship which is upgradable. You can buy, sell, or trade parts and even new starships. You can even join a fleet for experience in missions and combat.

This project is a 1 player game.

Current Features (0.66) (Changelog):
- Asteroids (shootable)!
- Configurable controls
- Warp is available!
- Scrolling star background to better simulate a space environment.
- Status Display
- Selectable weapons
- Buy new weapons, such as the Energy Ball Cannon or Heatseeking Missiles
- Buy and sell cargo
- Buy new ships in-game
- Fullscreen or windowed modes (command line option)
- Select your starting ship and color!
- Artificial Intelligence ship that chooses to run or attack
- Engine supports loading of sound and graphic files through the use of multiple Addon Packs (or F-Packs)
- Engine can load many different ships from a single F-Pack.
- Versatile sound engine supporting both music and sound effects that can be loaded from many different kinds of file types
- Image engine loads PNG files with alpha channels, to allow translucency.
Planned Features for 0.70:
- A near-complete (or at least added to modularly) scenario system
- More advanced Artificial Intelligence in ships
- Beginnings of tools for use creating scenarios, maps, and FPKs
Planned Features for later versions:
- Star systems and Races that have fleets which you can join, fight, or work alongside with.
- Any imaginable space mercenary or exploratory scenario.
- Construction yards, Space Docks, Space Stations, and new starships.
- Own and operate multiple starships from your own central location, which you buy the rights to after earning enough.
- Possibility for multiple players to play client to client, or Massive Multiplayer online style client to server.
- Hidden races, star systems, and features.

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