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Final Frontier Trader Design

Material and Part Design

Two components necessary to the game are Materials and Parts. Some materials may make parts if you have design specifications for those parts. Most parts for starships come ready made. However, building a starship from scratch will require both materials AND parts.

- Materials -

At this time, an idea for materials is limited. Almost all starships, if not all, will require Tritanium. This is for the hull. How MUCH Tritanium needs to be determined for base design specifications of each starship. It is possible to mine a planet for the other base materials needed to create Tritanium. If you have a starbase or space dock you can convert materials from mining operations. This is done automatically when you drop off the materials. You may also hire cargo ships to carry the materials for you, and mining operations may be hired too, so the starship construction and gathering can be done without your presence in the area. Deuterium is a standard energy source, and is considered a material. So is Dilithium, standard warp core energy source. Other Materials include all conceivable things needed to make or upgrade parts, ships, or space stations.

- Parts -

Parts are things like Weapons, Shield modulators, Replicators, even new Warp cores. These come at a price of course, unless you get them as a result of a mission or build them yourself. They are installable in ships if you have available bays, and parts can also be stored for use later or for trade at a starbase or space dock you own.

- Conclusion -

This is the idea for Materials and Parts. If you wish to contribute, email TomT64.

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