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Final Frontier Trader Design

Location and Universe Design

Obviously there must be a universe to travel in! I would like to make these universes dynamic/random in later stages. Locations are planets, asteroids, stars (suns), and space stations. These can be homeworlds or operations bases, or can just be mining planets. It is generally understood that 1 out of every 2 star systems has a unique race majority; they evolved there! How many of these there will be depends on what can be managed.

- Universe -

This universe will likely only have one galaxy in it. Other galaxies may be added later if we can find a feasible method for travelling to one under starship power only. This means standard Warp drive won't do. In the galaxy will be a number of star systems. How many depends on what we can manage.

- Locations -

Planets need to have mineral content if they can be mined. If it is a homeworld, it cannot be mined. If it is a colony, it may be mined for the colony's price and terms if they allow it. These locations need to have a name, race, and fleet. Each star system always has a fleet. Whether or not it can be joined is another story. Each star system's fleet patrols the borders of that star system. More on this in Personality and Race Design. It is also possible the star system is part of an empire/federation, and this means you will likely find less ships in the star system, and more on the outskirts of the overall territory of this empire/federation. In such a case, these star systems will have similar if not exact policies regarding things.

- Conclusion -

This is the idea for the Universe and the Locations in it. If you wish to contribute, email TomT64.

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