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Final Frontier Trader Design

Game Specifics & Detailed Design

The game is made up of the following parts:

1) Basic Engine
2) Starships
3) Materials and Parts
4) Locations and Universe
5) AI
6) Missions and Fleets
7) Personalities and Races

- Putting it all together -

The game will be a game designed in a fashion that combines elements from RPGs and Adventure games, in a space setting. It gives you the opportunity to join a fleet or strike out on your own, accomplishing missions and getting things for completing them. All of this is so you can pilot or own a starship of your dreams, or save people the universe, bounty hunt, or create your own empire. You will have a reputation, and what you do does affect this. There are rogue ships and fleets defending their borders. You develop a personality that people in the immediate area will know quickly, others may learn of it slower. Of course, some fleets or people won't care, but they are few. The game is highly involved. You will need just the right mix of diplomatic skills, supplies, trading skills, and a quality starship. All of the elements of the game will determine what happens on your journey.

- Sample Game -

You start with a small starship that has 2 class 1 torpedo bays with supply of 30 torpedoes, and no beam weapons, but an extra bay which may be used to add any part you want to your ship. You have a cargo bay that can hold 50 cubic feet of material. 10 of that is your food supply. You will need more when it runs out by buying it at a starbase, at least until you can afford to equip your ship with replicators, if you have that capability. Your warp engine has a max warp of 3, and a max cruise warp of 2.5. Your sensors show you that you are near a planet. This is your homeworld and you just left there to explore on your own with a new starship you'd bought. You have 50 credits. Your sensors also detect a starbase nearby, so you head there. There you may be able to buy things or take on a mission in your own ship to transport cargo. It pays well. But you can also go to the outskirts of your system and be hired by someone there to do something else, like retreive an object from someone who stole it. You may also get some hints from the ships you communicate with. It's all up to you now...

- Conclusion -

This is the basic detailed idea of the game. If you wish to contribute, email TomT64.

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