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Final Frontier Trader Design

Generalized Plan
(This document will be updated and changed frequently, according to changes made in the project)

- Order of Operations -

Every project needs some generalized plan. Biovenger has done some great work, and as of this doc, Final Frontier Trader (0.58) is a great start on the engine. Now I want to detail out how things should go from here. Remember though that this is an outline, not rigid rules. If you are programming for this project and you feel another issue later on down the plan is better done before others, go ahead, and we'll see how it goes.

Final Frontier Trader 0.58 contains the following:

- a load-time GUI
- a 2 player splitscreen demo
- a map through which one can fly
- a ship, with 10 directional bitmaps to load
- projectiles and heatseeking missles
- beta targetting system
- shootable asteroids for points
- scrolling star movement
- a shop to buy shields, health, and ammo (ENTER for P1 and SPACE for P2 at the planet)

- Where to go from here -

We want to include ALL of the features in each of the design docs in an order that makes sense. It would be good to make certain immediate modifications, near-future modifications, and long term modifications.
Immediate Modifications (from 0.58)
- make the 1P Test option work
- make each player his/her own radar.
- For targetting system, cycle through with 't' key, and allow users to shoot at other objects if they exist. Include range information so the user can know if the target is close enogh to shoot at, but allow the user to shoot anyway if the range is too far
- Add multiple weapons, upgradable and possibly cycle through.
- Add more to the shop.
- Add the space bar for coming to a stop for ship 1, and the X key for all stop on ship 2 (other keys a possibility)
- Allow user to select in the new GUI a set of ship images (through APFs) for Player 1 or 2 (separately), and allow the user to pick a color to colorize with (selection made from a predefined set of colors you can cycle through). Make this graphical.

Near-Future Modifications
- make the ship only 1 image, that can be rotated by just the software
- Create a Scenario "system", which is a script system compilable by a separate program for use in the game, and allow extra addon packs with new ship images and other objects and scenarios to be added. This is the Addon Pack Compiler (APC)
- make the ship have visible addons, in accordance with the Starship Design Doc

Long Term Modifications
- Artifically intelligent ships, races, and fleets
- all not mentioned here
- Conclusion -

This is the basic planning order. This document will be updated and changed frequently, according to changes made in the project. If you wish to contribute, email TomT64.

© 2002-2005 Final Frontier Trader Team