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This is the website for the Sourceforge project, Final Frontier Trader.

Final Frontier Trader is a 2D single player space strategy, combat, and trading game. You pilot a starship which is upgradable. You can buy, sell, or trade parts and even new starships. You can even join a fleet for experience in missions and combat.

Design documents, found on the project's page, detail more vividly how the game will be designed in its later stages.

Join the group and help us make this game a reality! Email TomT64 to join. Be sure to mention how you can help, and your username on Sourceforge.


August 31, 2004 Final Frontier Trader 0.66 released - TomT64 - 23:57 PDT

Final Frontier Trader 0.66 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.66
- Added ability to buy more than 1 item of cargo at a time
- Added ability to sell more than 1 item of cargo at a time
- Cargo now restocks and changes prices in each station, if you visit it at least 1 minute after the game loads, and at least 1 minute after each visit
- Stations now have the ability to have shipyards
- Optimized the game a little more
- Made the default zoom 50% instead of 100%
- The makefile is more GNU compliant (I think)
- Logging shows time to load scenarios now
- Removed unnecessary log lines
- Updated the project file for Dev-C++ Compiling should work immediately after downloading the Dev-C++ dependencies and adding the directories the libraries and includes are in to the compiler's path.
- Fixed bug 952823, "Pressing ESC during selection screens hangs game"
- Ammo types for ammo in shops are now defined
- Bullet graphics are now preloaded in each scenario map. This should reduce or remove lag when ships fire.
- User can now buy weapon bays that have unlimited ammo.

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
April 13, 2004 Final Frontier Trader 0.65 released - TomT64 - 01:49 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.65 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.65
Final Frontier Trader now has support for multiple scenarios, and has 4 included with the package. You can now also go to a station to buy or sell cargo, buy cargo and weapon bays, and buy heatseeking missiles with which you can target enemy ships. You may also buy repairs to your ship if its shields or hull are damaged. The GUI is also new and improved.

For happy Windows users who want to compile with Dev-C++, a project file is included in the source package, and the dependencies required are on the sourceforge project page, precompiled with the proper DLLs necessary for running the game.

This release also includes two new command-line options, discussed in the Readme, and a preferences file for controls, so you can use your favorite controls over and over again even if you have to restart the game.

See the full Changelog for exact details:

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
March 8, 2004 Final Frontier Trader 0.64 released - TomT64 - 13:31 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.64 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.64
- The weapon change keys can be changed now
- Fixed a small bug that crashed the game when you tried to change a control to a key that was already in use
- Changed turn delays to be in milliseconds
- Added an AI ship that automatically starts attacking you
- You can be hit by the AI ship, and the right lower display shows your current speed, shields, and hull integrity
- Made it more obvious what happens in menus by replacing "Cancel" buttons with "Back to..."
- Fixed collision detection bug that would show itself when zoomed out
- Allowed non-starter player ships to be added in the object script
- Added "shootpoint" to the FPK Specification
- Added a message that outputs whenever any FPK has an error
- Made warp speed a little more interesting. It is now an exponentially increasing speed. Also allowed the engine to overheat, and cause instant game over

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
February 29, 2004 Final Frontier Trader 0.63 released - TomT64 - 19:52 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.63 is now available at:

This is a BIG release, despite the version number. A lot of changes have been made.

Highlights of 0.63
- Fixed up FPK stuff a bit, now the game really DOES look for the objects file specified using the "objects" command in main.fs.
- Added "slots" command to FPK Specification.
- Converted many internal char arrays to C++ strings. This is helping make the game much more stable.
- Fixed a small bug that caused improper image sizes when you zoomed, exited, then started a new game again.
- Moved most initial loading to when New Game is pressed
- Changed Startup screen to a simple splash screen
- Moved Ship selection to New Game
- Added a message that shows up when you destroy all the asteroids
- Added Selectable weapons. Default keys are / and Right Shift for Previous and Next Weapons, respectively.
- Added command line arguments:
   "-nosmooth" makes all rotated and zoomed surfaces not smoothed by the bilinear filter. This may speed up zoom transition, game loading, and moving from sector to sector on lower end machines.
   "-software" renders everything via software rather than hardware. Depending on your system, this may speed things up.
   "-fullscreen" makes the game fullscreen. Use with "-software" if not working properly.
- Previous versions' FPKs will not work with this release

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
February 24, 2004 Final Frontier Trader 0.62 released - TomT64 - 18:41 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.62 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.62
- Fixed some minor bugs, like using keys while paused and a couple of memory cleanup issues
- Added Color selecting to the ship selection screen
- Added some windows which ask you whether or not you want to quit or exit.
- The game now resets all relevant variables for the test flight every time you start a new game
- Added a Status Display
- Since the FPK specification has been updated, old 0.60 or 0.61 addon packs will not work with this version

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
October 20, 2003 Final Frontier Trader 0.61 released - TomT64 - 21:18 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.61 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.61
- Added the ability to load multiple ships, with optional shields, from addon packs via a scripting system
- Since the FPK specification has been updated, old 0.60 addon packs will not work with this version
- Updated the Controls dialog under Options to look nicer

Instructions are in the README. Enjoy this release!
October 11, 2003 Final Frontier Trader 0.60 released - TomT64 - 16:37 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.60 is now available at:

Highlights of 0.60
- Added support for Addon Packs, also known as F-Packs (FPK)
- Added the ability to change the controls
- You can start with a different ship if you have a different addon pack

Any other instructions you may need are listed in the readme.
October 3, 2003 Final Frontier Trader 0.59a released - TomT64 - 21:25 PST

Final Frontier Trader 0.59a is now available at:

This is the second release of the new engine rewrite, and fixes many bugs.

Highlights of 0.59a
- Fixed many bugs and memory leaks
- Added sounds to shooting and explosions
- Added an explosion animation for a destroyed asteroid

Highlights of 0.59
- Complete engine rewrite of the original
- Added Warp capability (ALT button)
- Added Zooming capability (100%, 75%, and 50%, press x and z)
- SDL_gfx library included to rotate any one image a number of times, and reduce disk space use
- SDL_ttf library included for crossplatform on screen text capability
- The game now will work in Linux, just get the necessary libraries and compile (Makefile included)

All controls are detailed inside the game after you click "New Game".
October 1, 2003 Final Frontier Trader Release 0.59 - TomT64 - 13:25 PST

Final Frontier Trader version 0.59 is a complete engine rewrite of the game. All controls are explained in game and the game has the following new features:
- Warp
- Zooming (100, 75, and 50%)
- Many of the features that existed in version 0.58
This promises to be a new start for this game.

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